Welcome to my new website

Thank you for visiting my website. If you are visiting it because you already know me through reading my books or features, attending a pantomime, or after a visit to your school, then I hope you have enjoyed those experiences. If you are visiting through a new curiosity, then I hope you find things here to interest you.

I find it fairly easy to write about fictional characters, or even real ones, but very difficult to write about myself.  How much should I brag about what I do? What does a visitor to this site want to see? Why am I such a technophobe?

So maybe I should start with a brief biography:

I was born in Blaenavon, too many years ago to want to mention, and moved to England in my teens. After my marriage it took nearly twenty years of living in various parts of England before we were able to move back to Wales, but we finally succeeded 19 years ago, and it was one of the best things we have ever done. 

I now live in Usk, Monmouthshire, the most beautiful county in the British Isles, with my husband, Peter,  2 dogs, and whichever of our 4 children may be visiting because: it's Christmas, Easter, or someone's birthday/they are staying here with partners/living here between uni terms or house moves/ staying for a brief holiday because they're too broke to go anywhere else. 

I've been writing for just over two decades, starting with short stories then adding features, pantomimes, sketches and children's plays, and finally novels to the list. When I'm not writing I co-run Is It? Theatre Company with my daughter, Catherine. Please look on the appropriate pages for details of any of these.

My first novel, 'The Mountains Between', was published in 2007, followed six months later by 'Just One More Summer' and now my latest book 'Don't Pass Me By' has just been released (see latest news page). Meanwhile, I'm battling my way through a fourth, 'Yes I'm Gonna Be a Star'. 

Before I became a writer I had a variety of jobs: I trained as a nurse at Guy's hospital, London, and later as a Health Visitor in Durham - both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. While I was bringing up my children, I worked in the independent schools where my husband was headmaster - as the school matron, pupil counsellor, and teacher of health education topics and child development, as well as producing annual dramatic shows with the pupils, which was where my writing career really began.